Thursday, February 2, 2012

A small wish

So yesterday I had noticed that I hadn't seen very many cool birds lately, so I kind made a wish that I'd see something cool. I was hoping for a turkey but I'll tell you what... that did NOT happen.

 Instead when my brother and I were playing basketball we spotted a Giant bird in the sky, it was a BALD EAGLE! That was awesome.
I thought that was it until we heard a weird sound coming from the front yard. It sounded like a baby Robin but also a Bird of prey. We went out to the front yard to investigate. As we came through the back gate into the front yard we saw it, a small shadow in the sky.... A MERLIN!!! He was so small AND NOISY!
What stinks is that I didn't get any pictures, but at least I can still share it!

Monday, January 30, 2012

My new birds

Hi, so we moved about 3 months back to Mullica Hill New Jersey. We live on three acres and are almost surrounded by woods.
 I have feeders put up in the front yard but none in the back (no idea why!) and we don't get as many birds as our old house (surprisingly).Ive already done my thing where I take bad raw meat and throw it outside for the Turkey Vultures, That worked and also attracted a Peregrine Falcon, but he just stayed in the air.
 Also a couple weeks after moving in a Juvenile 2 years old Bald Eagle showed up along with a few Ospreys. The juncos here are very numerous along with THE STARLINGS!!!!! The starlings show up in hundreds, but I don't mind them.
There are lots of Hairy Woodpeckers here and just one Red-bellied Woodpecker (I'm still trying to figure out a name). In the spring and summer there are turkeys, and a few deer will come every now and then. I actually caught one of the Turkeys just by cornering it and grabbing it, but it was a baby. An adult would have probably killed me!!
I'm hoping that when spring and summer roll around that the hummingbirds will come in numbers, one had came in the summer last year but only returned a few times.

    So thats a little bit of whats happening here, I'll try to post more as more stuff happens.

             I'll also post my picture with me and the turkey :P